Buying a Retirement Home

The Buying Process Explained.

Below, we’ve outlined the buying process steps. We can offer you an enjoyable, informative, no pressure buying experience and introduction to the area.

Set-up Initial Meeting Appointment: To set-up a meeting to review suitable property listings, call our office, at (250) 667-0719 . Or, if you prefer, use our Quick Contact form to let us know that you would like to take a closer look at properties in the area.

Review of Candidate Listings: At our first meeting, we will sit down together at the RE/MAX Anchor Realty office computer and carefully go over listings that suit your needs to produce a list of homes that you want to tour in-person . If you’re coming to the area from out-of-town, we can advise on hotels and things to do and see.

Booking of Home Tours: We will book appointments and make any other preparations necessary for us to visit each of your selected listings for an in-person home tour . We will provide you with our Buyers Guide, plus local and regional publications to help you make the most of the up-coming home tours.

In-person Home Tours: Next, we’ll visit each of your selected listings for an in-person tour. This may take 1 to 3 days to see all the homes you want to. A maximum of about 6 homes per day is advisable (more than that and things can get a bit overwhelming). We want you to enjoy your visit as it’s important for you to have time to get out and look around at what will be your new home area.

Narrow Down the List to the Best Property: As we look at each home, I’ll ask you to rate each home on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being best). We drop the 3s and 4s and go back a second or third time to look at the 1s and 2s. Eventually narrowing down the options to select the property that best suits your needs.

Making a Successful Offer:
Once we have successfully negotiated an offer on the home, we will:
  • recommend reputable home inspectors
  • obtain all charges on title from the BC Land Titles office if necessary
  • if applicable, obtain all strata documents for the past 2 years from Strata Management
  • obtain a Plot Plan or legal Site Survey from the vendor’s Realtor
  • obtain the Property Disclosure Statement document from the vendor’s Realtor
  • recommend lenders and make arrangements to meet Mortgage Financial advisors
  • recommend a Lawyer to review documents if required
  • facilitate conversations and/or meetings with builders or contractors if required
Also, we will carefully go over all documents with you and endeavour to obtain answers to all questions and get you headed in the right direction .

Benefits of working with Us

  • Enthusiastic about the region.
  • No pressure sales approach.
  • Will introduce you to suitable neighbourhoods that meet your own lifestyle needs.
  • In order to help you get settled into the area comfortably and with confidence, we will share our extensive local knowledge with you.
  • Provide you with access to reliable service providers and contractors as after-sales service.
  • Proven professional representing your interests and needs.
  • Strong negotiating skills.
  • Highly focused and thorough REALTOR® providing you with:
    1. 1. The Best Property
    2. 2. The Lowest Price
    3. 3. The Least Inconvenience

Mortgage calculator

Want to know how much and how often your mortgage payments will be?

Use this calculator to compare options and find one that’s right for you.

Home Buying Tools

Debt Service Calculator

This calculator will help you compare the level of your monthly debt and housing expense payments to your gross monthly household income. Your Mortgage Professional will perform this assessment when qualifying you for a mortgage.

Household Budget Calculator

Use this calculator to compare your income with your current or planned expenses and debt payments and see what you can comfortably fit into your budget.